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Commercial Pressure Washer & Rust Removal

As a business owner, you want your commercial space to look its best at all times. Smudged windows, dirty sidewalks, and an unkempt exterior could mean the difference between gaining a customer or losing one. That’s why you need the help of the professional exterior cleaners at Valley Pro Power Washing. We provide a variety of services to help business owners spruce up their building exteriors, including pressure washing, window cleaning, and even rust removal.

Utilizing professional-grade equipment that’s stronger than those hardware store rentals, our pressure washing services remove dirt, dust, grime, and mold from building exteriors, driveways, sidewalks, and more. Whatever cleanup project you’ve got, we’re here to help you get it done. Contact us today to schedule a time.

Front 9 Restoration

Certified By Front 9 Restoration

At Valley Pro Power Washing, we’re committed to providing the best service to our customers, that’s why we’ve taken the time to undergo specialized training to bring you superior results. Our owner Thomas is certified by Front 9 Restoration (F9) not only in the proper use of their equipment and methods but also in the appropriate chemical mixtures for each unique project. This means our team has the knowledge and experience of this certification to back up every project we complete. Our results speak for themselves. You won’t believe how clean your business will look when we’re through. Let us help you today!

Front 9 Restoration

Rust Removal

Our pressure washer & chemicals are so powerful they can even remove rust from metal surfaces. Utilizing proper techniques and equipment, we can restore your metal surfaces and help to protect them in the future. Rental washers can’t achieve that. Our years of experience and top-of-the-line equipment allow us to provide exceptional rust removal services in Phoenix, AZ at affordable prices. We’re OSHA compliant on all safety, hazardous chemicals, and personal protective equipment, so you can be assured your project will be completed without any accidents. Call us today to schedule commercial pressure washing services at your space.

Service & Results You Can Count On

We are a Phoenix based licensed and bonded commercial and residential cleaning company. Get in touch with us today. Let our team of highly trained and professional cleaners provide you with the best cleaning services in Phoenix, Arizona. 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Hot And Cold For Commercial Pressure Washing

Hot And Cold For Commercial Pressure Washing

While both services use high-pressure water to remove stubborn dirt, debris, pollutants, grease stains, and mildew off of exterior surfaces like sidewalks, one is more beneficial than the other for a commercial property. 

Regular pressure washing involves cold water, often used on concrete surfaces such as driveways and garage floors. This is a good option for homes and certain surfaces such as masonry, concrete, and brick. Although cold water pressure washers are great for blasting away unwanted weeds and debris, it’s not as powerful as a hot water pressure washer or commercial power washing because it has a harder time with moss, mold, and other tough substances like chewing gum.

Like trying to wash off oil and grease from a pan after cooking with it, cold water doesn’t do much damage. Hot water is what allows the grease to be cut away, and the same logic can be applied to commercial cleaning. It can even remove graffiti! The trifecta of heat, a cleaning solution, and heat is what makes them so powerful for all of your cleaning tasks. 

Commercial buildings are of much bigger volume than a traditional home. Because of this, there tend to be many more irritants that are exceedingly more difficult to get rid of. The hot water assures that the grime and unwanted materials are washed away quickly and effectively. 

It is possible to rent out pressure washers and do the job yourself. However, it’s unlikely that you’re a trained professional who knows how to use the equipment. This equipment is not easy to use and can cause some damage without proper training. It is best to leave the job to a pressure washing company like Valley Pro that knows the exact steps to take in order to complete the task at hand, at the highest quality.

Hot And Cold For Commercial Pressure Washing
commercial pressure washer

Highest Quality Equipment and Exceptional Customer Service

Our equipment is professional-grade, and we only use the best. Rental washers do not receive the same treatment and care because they are often used by amateurs or individuals who are not professionally trained to properly use the equipment. Our employees know how to use our equipment to achieve a superior clean that other washers cannot do. We know the best methods, we use the best products and equipment, and we ensure that the job is done to your highest satisfaction. 

Proper technique in handling this complex equipment is key. Not using safety equipment, not angling the nozzle properly, spraying upwards against siding, and improper use of the trigger can lead to damage. Paint may get stripped, concrete may deteriorate, and wood and vinyl may become damaged due to the high pressure of water and the heat. These damages are costly, which is exactly why you need to hire trained professionals to take care of all of your commercial pressure and power washing needs.

Valley Pro Power Washing provides the best service in the valley for power washing and window cleaning services. Our customers love our team members and service, and how we go above and beyond to remove even the toughest stains for the toughest jobs. Our work is insured and bonded, and we make sure to answer all of your questions prior to starting our work so you know the exact process. 

It’s important to us that you are satisfied with our service at every step of the way. Our team members take pride in being professional, on time, and committing to over-the-top service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment and see why our customers rave about our service.

Hot And Cold For Commercial Pressure Washing

Commercial Pressure Washer

Pressure washers using hot water are most useful for commercial buildings that are frequently exposed to elements such as—debris, dirt, pollution, grease, and other elements that can cause damage to it. So—how are pressure washers with hot water help in keeping commercial buildings strong for several years?

Since commercial buildings are subjected to a good amount of usage and misusage—they need special maintenance done by using pressure washers with using hot water. Valley Pro Power Washing doesn’t just use any regular pressure washers for our power washing services because using only the best pressure washer with hot water is one way of providing you a top-tier power washing services.

Why We Only Use The Best Commercial Power Washer(s)

Valley Pro Wash uses only the best commercial pressure washers with hot water because we want to help you in preserving your commercial buildings to last the longest. In addition—using the best commercial pressure washers with hot water will make a building last the longest and keep it looking good as new for a long time.

Valley Pro Wash Pressure washers are not your regular industrial pressure washer because all of our pressure washers are equipped with pressure washer accessories making our company’s pressure washers the best compared to others.

3 Reasons We Use Only The Best Pressure Washer For Our Cleaning Services

All commercial building owners should not take any power washing company lightly. If you want to keep your commercial building strong and looking its best for the longest—you need to hire a power washing company that only uses the best pressure washers with hot water for their power washing services—which Valley Pro Wash exactly does.

1. Using Only The Best Pressure Washers Help Boost Your Commercial Building’s Curb Appeal

Allowing your commercial building to be covered in debris, dirt, and other contaminants only result in your building becoming worn out and aging faster—and an ordinary cold water pressure washer will not help you avoid and solve the problem.

This is why we don’t use cold water and regular surface cleaner in cleaning commercial buildings. Instead—we use hot water if needed. We use Gas powered pressure washers with hot water that will surely boost the curb appeal of your commercial building—leading to boosting its value.

2. Cleaning Your Building Using Powerful Gas Pressure Washer Makes Your Business More Inviting

We can help you maintain your building and keep your business going by using a gas pressure washer with hot water and surface cleaner in cleaning your building. We make sure you receive only a positive first impression from your potential business partners by professionally cleaning your building.

A gas pressure washer and surface cleaner are not the only things we have at Valley Pro Power Washing—we also use pressure washer trailers for our power washing cleaning services. 

3. Saves You Time and Money

Although there is a cheap surface cleaner and water pressure washer you can buy from stores like the Northern tool—however—such a water pressure washer does not guarantee that it will actually help you save time and money in cleaning your building. A water pressure washer may cost cheap—but it can still result in a more pricey and longer power washing.

Remember. . .

Cold water is not enough for cleaning an entire commercial building thoroughly and using cheap steam cleaners with air compressors may seem like you can save time and money, but this is not always the case.

Hiring professionals for pressure washing is always the best choice for a safer and more effective pressure washing of your building.

Hot And Cold For Commercial Pressure Washing