Patio Cleaning Services


If you are one of the few people who want a clean patio—that uses a store-bought cleaning solution—then it’s time for you to stop doing so.


Using a store-bought cleaning solution—such as patio cleaner or even vinegar to achieve a clean patio, deck—and the surrounding areas of your house—as well as your patio furniture, and doing some window cleaning is a tedious and challenging process compared to hiring professionals for patio cleaning services.

Patio furniture, outdoor space, deck—and exterior window cleaning is not as easy nor fun as it seems. You could spend long hours scrubbing your wood deck, patio slabs—and the surrounding areas—especially if you’re using organic/natural patio cleaner as your cleaning solution—such as vinegar (specifically white vinegar), warm water—or even when you’re using the best patio cleaner. 

In short—it is a back-bending chore. Not only that—it is also time-consuming and might hurt your joints! To enjoy impressive and spotless exterior window cleaning, dumpster pad cleaning, storefront cleaning, wood deck, and patio cleaning results—always hire Valley Pro Power Washing!

Patio Cleaning Services
Patio Cleaning

Why Valley Pro Power Washing to keep your Wood Deck, Paver Patio, or Concrete Patio clean?

Using a store-bought or organic patio cleaner—like vinegar and other cleaning solution you can use will leave you scrubbing for long hours and might not even be able to clean your concrete patio, patio slabs, paver patio—and deck like you wanted.

Here are the five reasons why you need to hire Valley Pro Power Washing to achieve a squeaky clean patio:


Fewer Injuries and Hard Work

The hardest thing you might encounter when doing a manual cleaning of your deck, patio—as well as dumpster pad cleaning, window cleaning—and storefront cleaning is not just elbow grease—but also injuries.

You need to exert tremendous effort and strength in scrubbing a patio—even if you’re using the best patio cleaner. Just imagine the mountain dirt, molds, and hardened bird poop. You’re gonna need to scrub for a lot of hours and do a lot of bending!

Worst is that—if you’re a clean freak—you might not be satisfied with the result even after rinsing your patio a hundred times with clean water. 


A pressure washer is like a soft wash compared to a power washing. Unlike using a pressure washer—power washing relies more on technology than human labor. This means—you’re marked safe from doing hard work trying to keep your patio clean.

However—even if power washing relies more on technology—you will still need to hire professionals. Using a power washing will not immediately clean a patio without enough experience and knowledge on how to use it.

To avoid injuries and hard work completely—you can always contact us for a patio cleaning service!

Time Efficient

Cleaning your patio requires a time commitment. Especially if you’re only using your garden hose, white vinegar—and warm water in cleaning it. You can’t expect to completely finish the job by hand in just minutes even with the help of a pressure washer—and be happy with the results. 


Your patio is constantly exposed to human and natural-made elements—making them dirty every day. In addition—the fewer times you clean it—the more grime, dirt—and mold will grow and eventually harden over time—which makes them even more difficult to get rid of. A soft wash—such as using your garden hose will not be enough. It cannot even remove the debris on your patio. Hiring the professionals on the other hand is a lot less time-consuming because we do all the cleaning and give you a spotless—squeaky clean patio!

Improved Home’s Curb Appeal

A dirty patio is not only an eyesore. It also gets your home’s value lower. It doesn’t matter if you want to market your home for a higher price than the other homes in your neighborhood or upgrade your home’s value—investing in improving the look of your patio is the wisest thing to do.


Since the patio is just right outside your home—your patio is one of the few places that will be the first to greet the guests—as well as potential home buyers. Our patio cleaning service removes all the debris from your patio—and we also restore it to its original beauty and even better. Real estate agents approve that an attractive and clean patio can quite increase the value of your home.


Improved and Better-Looking Patio

After your patio is exposed to a harsh winter—expect your patio to hold a host of debris—which are very difficult to remove. Most homeowners are looking forward to spring cleaning their houses—and the patio is one of the places that will receive the most attention. This is why most homeowners are looking forward to refinishing their patio, decks—as well as—repainting their walls, and cleaning up their walkways.


Hiring Valley Pro Power Washing is the most ideal and cost-efficient way to completely clean and smooth up the surfaces of your patio—especially the areas that are hard to reach for you to clean.

Better Health For Your Whole Family

The built-up mold and mustiness on your patio may seem like it doesn’t give you any harm—but in reality—it can cause you and your family allergies when left too long. The germs and bacteria will also multiply.


The allergies that the germs and bacteria give can even turn out to be a life-threatening health issue. Cleaning your patio is not only about beautifying your house or increasing the value of your home. It is also making your house a safer haver for you and your family. Valley Pro Power Washing offers patio cleaning services that can expel those germs and organisms—as well as—clean the atmosphere around your home—promoting better health and wellness for the entire family.

Patio Cleaning: Bottom Line



Why break your back and suffer a lot of injuries from bending your body too much when you can hire us—professionals to clean your patio? Our patio cleaning services help you save time and effort while producing better and more squeaky clean patio results compared to scrubbing and washing them by yourself. Since your patio is the very first area of your house that generates a first impression, make sure to give out your best effort to make your patio not only presentable but also a safer place for you and your family.