Professional Window Cleaners

Window Cleaning Phoenix AZ

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Professional Window Cleaners

Dust storms and rain can do a number on your windows, leaving them coated in a film of dirt or streaky and unsightly. Don’t let dirty windows ruin the view of our beautiful Phoenix sights. With professional window cleaning from Valley Pro Power Washing, you can get sparkling, streak-free windows that allow you to enjoy all the views from your home. With years of experience providing superior window cleaning services to Valley homeowners, we know you won’t be disappointed in our work. We even offer this service for businesses so you can get the same results at your office or storefront. Contact us today to learn more about this option or to schedule service.

Window Cleaning Phoenix AZ
professional window cleaners

Why Hire Professional Window Cleaners

Many people attempt to do their window cleaning as a DIY project. Though we admire your ambition, we simply don’t believe you’ll see the same results as when you hire a professional like us. Be sure to call us for your window cleaning jobs for all of the following reasons:


Professional window cleaners do this task on a daily basis, meaning they have the skills and experience to produce superior results compared to DIYers.


Cleaning windows on the second story poses a safety risk, especially if you don’t have the right equipment. A professional has all the tools necessary to complete the job safely.


Cleaning your windows yourself means a frustrating day spent dragging all the equipment out of the garage, cleaning and drying the windows, time spent on a ladder, and putting everything away. If that doesn’t sound like how you want to spend your Saturday, call a professional to do the job.


Our window cleaning company offers many other outdoor services. Spruce your entire home exterior by combining our window cleaning with power washing, gutter cleaning, roof cleaning, and more.

Window Cleaning Phoenix AZ

Enhance Your View


At Valley Pro Power Wash, we’re not just in the window cleaning business—we’re in the “commercial window cleaning” business. We will get your windows crystal clear so you can enjoy the stunning view of the Valley as if you’re not looking through glass.


Here’s how the process works:

1. Fill out our contact form

Provide us with your contact details, and let us know how we can help you by answering our contact form. 

2. Expect a call from us.

We will contact you to discuss details and pricing. Then, we will schedule a window cleaning service at your most convenient time. We can usually perform our services within one week of the initial call.

3. Get your windows cleaned.

Before we start, we will check all windows for issues like visible cracks, holes, loose panes, and inadequate caulking. This is to ensure they are in great shape for safe and effective cleaning. Once everything is cleared, we can begin cleaning your window screens, window sill, and windows.

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  • Your windows may not last as long. 

Glass windows are porous materials. Their surfaces absorb dirt, grime, and mineral deposits that accumulate over time. This can make your windows more susceptible to damages such as cracking, breaking, and discoloration.

  • Your home’s value may decrease.

Your home’s windows are an essential part of its overall presentation and therefore should be maintained properly. No matter how clean your home is on the inside, dirty windows will make the property look unappealing. This affects how potential buyers perceive your home once you plan to sell it.

  • Your windows may trigger mold growth.

Windows are an ideal place for mold growth due to condensation. Unfortunately, they get inside the windowpane and the windowsill, making them difficult to get rid of and causing structural problems in the long run.

  • Your house may attract unwanted visitors.

Pests and insects thrive on dirt and debris. They will gather around your dirty windowsills and eventually make their way into your home, which leads to an infestation. 

  • Your health may suffer.

Airborne pollutants like pollen, smoke, and dust enter your home through the windows. These carry with them the dirt particles on your windows and contaminate the air you breathe, causing skin allergies, respiratory problems, and other health concerns.

  • Your electric bills may cost more

Dirt captures and stores heat from the sun. When your windows are dingy, they increase the heat inside your home. This results in higher air conditioning costs especially during summer, unlike when you have clean windows.

Window Cleaning Phoenix AZ



1. Look through your glass window.

Looking through sparkling clean windows should feel as if they are not there. If dirt, dust, stains, and streaks are ruining the moment, then it’s time to call a professional glass cleaner.

2. You see insects crawling on your windows.

Insects love dirty and damp atmospheres. When you see them nesting on your windows, you are long overdue for a professional window washing service. Only a highly-experienced window washer can remove these creatures safely and effectively.

3. You are suffering from allergies. 

Are you scratching, coughing, or sneezing more often? Don’t compromise your health. Get in touch with a window cleaning expert immediately.

4. You can’t remove tough window stains.

If you can’t remove hard water spots, avoid trying DIY techniques. Non-professional cleaning tools and techniques can be too abrasive for your windows. Instead, leave the window washing to the experts.

5. You can’t do it alone.

If you can’t achieve clean windows by yourself, opt for a professional window washing service instead.

6. You have specialty windows

Do you have specialty windows? Avoid cleaning them on your own, as these require different tools for proper cleaning and care. Get a residential window cleaning service.

Window Cleaning Phoenix AZ


Bring out that brand new shine to your home’s exterior by getting your windows cleaned professionally at least twice a year.